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DENNISTON is a consulting firm structured to provide comprehensive design services in the fields mostly associated to the hospitality industry. The multi-disciplinary services of Site Planning, Architecture, Interior Design, and Hardscape are reflected in the numerous internationally acclaimed hotel projects we have completed around the world in the last 30 years.

Jean-Michel GATHY, a Belgian national born in 1955, is the principal designer and personally conceptualizes all design work since the company's inception in 1983. In April 2006, he was inducted into the "Platinum Circle of Hospitality Design" and honored as an industry figure whose career and achievements have contributed to the world of hotel design. Mr. GATHY has on several occasions participated as a jury member drawn from a panel of experts for various project awards and has been invited as an official guest speaker at international forums. The company's projects are also reviewed and applauded constantly in the professional press and often taken as reference. The project teams are motivated by leaders who have, in some instance, honed their professional skills with previous firms. The secret of our success is the collective collaboration of their work.

Our clientele reads as the "Who's Who" in the world of development for high end products. Our hotels and hospitality projects are conceptualized with the very best operators in the industry... Aman Resorts, Four Seasons, Cheval Blanc, Park Hyatt, St. Regis, Armani, Mandarin Oriental, Capella, GHM, Banyan Tree, One&Only, etc. The interaction with such renowned operators raises the bar every day and brings to us a thorough knowledge of the industry.

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Join DENNISTON. Available positions:

DENNISTON is actively looking to recruit both senior and junior level qualified, creative, and motivated architects and interior designers to join our experienced, dynamic team.

All senior applicants must be knowledgeable and experienced in the hospitality industry. For junior applicants, this requirement is not essential but beneficial.

Applicants are required to have the necessary computer skills expected in this creative environment and all junior applicants must have a good working knowledge of Revit as all projects; both architecture and interior design, are designed and documented in Revit.

Email your CV to hr@denniston.com.my to apply for this position.

A REVIT & CAD technician, uses Revit & CAD software to create technical drawings and plans - for hotel designs and resorts development used in our hospitality design services.

You'll work with interior designers and design architects and/or design engineers to understand the requirements of their initial designs and turn them into accurate and schematic detailed technical drawings in 2D and 3D models. These drawings are used at all stages of a project to creating the blueprints for installation and instructions.

You'll also be able to use REVIT & CAD skills in a range of creative industry jobs, such as set and interior design.

• REVIT & CAD technicians are mainly office-based and can spend long hours at a computer or drawing desk requiring periods of concentration in healthy working environment.

• Not all the work is individual and you could be working with a team of other technicians or interior designers, architects, or design engineers.

• You'll typically have to meet with interior designers to understand their requirements for a design. You could also be providing technical advice to interior designers, co-workers and architects and engineers.

• Work is project based and can involve working to tight deadlines and providing updates or changes to plans last minute. You may also be required to work on multiple projects at once with flexible reasonable time frame schedule, drawings confirmation & sufficient input information.

Key Duties And Responsibilities:
As a REVIT & CAD technician/draughts person, you'll need to:

• create schematic detailed technical drawings and plans based on designs supplied by architects and interior designers and make modifications to existing drawings.

• use a variety of REVIT & CAD software programs to create designs in 2D and 3D models.

• liaise with interior designers, engineers and designers to understand their design requirements.

• provide accurate, detailed and to scale drawings.

• ensure drawings are compliant with industry and health and safety standards and protocols.

• The Project designers, and Interior Designer are to conduct site visits and surveys when required and share their findings with REVIT & CAD Tech-ID to do the required details and scale drawings.

• present working drawings for use in all stages of the project.

• maintain accurate records.

Skills And Competencies To Possess:
• knowledge of Interior Design principles and ability to create and read technical drawings.
• IT skills and experience using computer-aided design software such as Revit, Autocad and Solidworks.
• the ability to transfer, display and manipulate your work using Microsoft Office and other programs with the assistance from other colleagues who know how.
• attention to detail to create accurate and detailed drawings and check other colleagues' work for accuracy and quality within sufficient time frame and information.
• communication skills and relationship building to work with interior designers, co-workers, team members and architects to understand and interpret their designs.
• teamwork - essential to be able to work in a team as you'll be liaising with other REVIT & CAD technicians and draughts persons on projects.
• organization and time management to complete work to project deadlines, and also to discuss the projected time schedules with the project team leader/Project Lead Design
• a flexible approach to decision making, to make changes to drawings at short notice.
• mathematical skills to complete calculations and estimates.
• spatial and design skills to be able to visualize projects in 2D and 3D.
• problem-solving, creativity and innovation in order to come up with solutions to design problems.
• knowledge of health and safety requirements in order to design in line with industry standards.

Please send your CV & Motivation Letter to christine@denniston.com.my


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